Accessing the Secured Areas of the MEARIE Website

Secured Logon for the MEARIE Website is required to access: paper-based insurance claims forms, ELRS, HRIS, UPM Survey reports

The MEARIE and EDA websites now use the same username/password to log on.

If you have secured access to the EDA website, please use that same Username/Password for the MEARIE website.

If you do not have a username/password for access.

Please contact us at Tell us exactly what you are looking to access and we may create an account for you.

Forgot your Username and/or Password? A simple two-step process from the logon screen:

1. Click to retrieve your Username first (enter your email address and your Username will be sent to you).
2. Then click to retrieve your Password (enter your Username and it will send you a link to change your password).

You’re logged on and still can’t seem to access what you need?

You may not have the proper permissions in our system. Please contact us at: and tell us exactly what you are looking to access and we can change your permissions.

Group Benefits Administrators Online Billing Access:

You have a specific Group Benefits Username/Password. Please contact

Liability Insurance & Property Insurance Online Claims System:

You have a specific Figweb Username/Password. Please contact