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2019 MEARIE Conference Preliminary Program

Pre-Conference Workshops – Wednesday, June 19, 1:30-4:30 PM

Directors & Officers - Risk Exposures & Insurance
Melanie Needham, President, MRD Training & Consulting Inc.
The prominence and criticality of the electricity sector has forced a spotlight onto corporate governance in recent years. An-ever changing industry has placed a greater significance on the potential failure to oversight and the importance of directors’ and officers’ insurance. This workshop will include an overview of the duties of Directors and Officers, the exposures facing them, the nature and scope of the coverage afforded by a directors’ and officers’ liability policy and other related issues. 

Developing Resilience in Organizations
David Donaldson, Program Director, TidalShift Inc.
Resilience, the ability to handle high levels of disruptive change while remaining productive, is a key criteria for personal and organizational success. Learn how to lead and manage for resilience, which will help your employees, teams and the organization develop a collective resilience.

Plenary & Stream Sessions – Thursday, June 20 and Friday, June 21 (mornings)

Keynote: Leading for Growth: 4 Key Behaviors to Master
David Priemer, CEO, Cerebral Selling
Our industry continues to experience a period of rapid change. From governmental initiatives to incredible advances in technology, navigating this sea of change is both more important and challenging than ever. As leaders responsible for delivering critical services in this modern economy, a key focus must be driving the engagement, performance, and skill development of the people in our organizations. Central to these tasks are key leadership behaviors and cultural forces that will have a massive impact on our ability to grow and scale our businesses. Join David Priemer, 4-time technology entrepreneur, founder of Cerebral Selling, and Adjunct Professor of Sales Leadership at Queens University as he outlines how to create a culture of coaching, transparency, accountability, and empowerment in your organization as we look to enter this exciting era in our industry.

Leveraging Energy Storage for Resiliency & Efficiency
Oscar Araujo, Senior Vice President, Strategic Projects, Convergent Energy + Power
Based on recent technological advancements, energy storage has come into its own as a viable solution to address grid efficiency and resiliency. This session will discuss how the business case can be made for energy storage as a valuable resource for utilities, particularly based on the variety of different services it can deliver to the grid. Oscar will also address common risk mitigation tactics through project development.

IESO's Cybersecurity Forum
Ben Blakely, Senior Manager, Information Security, IESO
Last year, the IESO’s licence was amended to reflect the organization’s expanded accountability for providing cybersecurity-related services to the broader electricity sector - services that now include cybersecurity situational awareness, broader collaboration efforts and more robust information exchange. In support of its new mandate, the IESO has established partnerships with the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (Cyber Centre); in this session, Ben Blakely will discuss the Cybersecurity Forum, the standing forum to allow for information-sharing on emerging cybersecurity issues.

Contemporary Cyber Risks/Threats and Prevention Strategies for the Energy Sector
Dave Chatfield, Vice President & COO, NetDiligence
With connected touch points to production systems via SCADA inputs, sensors, or control dashboards, LDCs face enhanced threats to their facilities, with accidental/malicious service disruptions as a potential consequence of insufficient cyber protections. This conversation is intended to help identify and prioritize the key risks and offer suggestions for company management to prevent and/or mitigate these threats. Another area of concern that will be discussed is consumer/client sensitive data elements within the business side of operations and privacy-centric considerations for the protection of client data.

MEARIE Claims Update
Alan Mark, Partner, Goodmans
There are always new and exciting issues and challenges arising in the area of liability claims. Alan will talk about recent trends in the law related to areas of potential liability for the utility sector. Alan will also discuss the implications of the Ontario government’s recent announcement that it may significantly revise the tort liability regime in this province by changing the rules regarding joint and several liability.

Workplace Trends to Watch
Anne Gallop, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright Canada
There are a variety of issues shaping the workplace landscape today. This session will feature an overview of a number of recent legislative changes impacting HR policy and practices; occupational safety; and other LDC workplace/operational topics.

The Evolution of Data: Why People Analytics Matters Today – A Case Study
Warren Collier, Director HR - Business Consulting Services, The Self Management Group

Learn how one large LDC uses psychometric data and talent analytics in their recruitment, retention, and other people oriented processes - by predicting the probability of an outcome  and complementing the human decision making process - to improve results and enhance their overall people strategy as a competitive advantage.
How Human Capital Fits into Enterprise Risk
Hugh Secord, Chief Strategist, Oakbridges Consulting
More than simply labour relations, developing and integrating Industrial Relations with the business’ goals and objectives is key to having a successful business strategy. 

Executive Panel - Corporate Culture & Change Risk Management
Whether your company has successfully completed a merger/acquisition, or is undergoing growth through the development of new business lines and affiliates, the promotion of a cohesive and seamless culture is a challenge. Clearly there is more than one pathway to success on this front. This panel session will address concepts around corporate culture, risk management culture and change management, through this discussion with senior executives currently dealing with these issues.

Corporate Culture
David Kunsch, Associate Professor, The Directors College
Leading and engaging others in an increasingly complex environment is crucial to the success of an organization, and the Board plays an important role in the oversight of the HR strategy. From succession planning to talent management, learn how the Board works with senior management to ensure the organization has the appropriate resources and culture in place in order for the organization to achieve its goals.

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