What People Are Saying About The MEARIE Group 

“When I started with the company, I experienced the things you would expect from a smaller organization such as more opportunities to apply my skills and greater exposure to senior leadership.  What I didn’t expect was to experience the things typically found only in large organizations such as sophisticated IT systems and comprehensive HR policies and benefits.  I think it’s rare to have the best of both worlds but it exists at MEARIE.”   

“I like the fact that my role at MEARIE is broad – here I get to do a lot more varied work than I would be able to elsewhere. My job is also “self-driven” which I enjoy.” 

“This job requires and promotes a high level of self-motivation – almost an entrepreneurial spirit.”

“I was initially surprised by how everyone (from bottom to top) is involved in our annual business planning process. Most everyone is given an opportunity to contribute to our business plans, which provides a sense of ownership over the work and our successes.”

“The high octane of activity and the fairly fast pace of MEARIE appeals to me immensely.”  

“At MEARIE, your work output is easily connected to the big picture strategy. That makes working here enjoyable.”