About The MEARIE Group


The MEARIE Group is progressive, innovative and dedicated to providing comprehensive, superior insurance, financial and business solutions to the energy sector. In 2017 we celebrated our 30th Anniversary.

The MEARIE Group focuses on delivering insurance and risk management solutions to Ontario’s electricity sector. We are the only Canadian insurance supplier dedicated to the electricity sector and are truly member-driven, existing to serve the energy sector's needs exclusively. Thirty years into our story, we are a dynamic, mature and stable company with great potential to continue growing whilst remaining closely connected with the electricity sector’s needs.

Created in 1987, MEARIE offers a full range of insurance solutions including comprehensive general liability, property, vehicle insurance and group benefits. Our Subscribers include electrical utilities, municipalities, small hydro and gas generation, telecommunications, fiber optics and water distribution. MEARIE's focus on the energy sector drives the development of products, coverages and stable pricing that are highly distinctive and responsive to the needs of our Subscribers.

Operating as a reciprocal insurance exchange, no profits are paid out to shareholders and the costs associated with commissions or brokers' fees are all but eliminated under the reciprocal structure. This allows coverage to be provided on a very competitive basis. This operational advantage has allowed MEARIE to provide greater price stability and lower premium rates than commercial insurers on a consistent basis. Since reciprocals are "owned" by their Subscribers, they are solely motivated to serve their needs. Following the evolution of the electricity sector and LDCs, we began offering an enhanced range of services, including group benefits, credit insurance, human resource services, trades, professional and management training and a variety of financial and business solutions - all targeted expressly to the electricity sector.

Our successful long-term strategic alliances with some of Canada's leading firms has brought together the resources, expertise and best practices to deliver exceptional results.

The MEARIE Group views the future as very promising, and intends to focus efforts on innovation, growth and long-term sustainability.