Outside of the regular office hours, emergency liability, vehicle and property claims can be reported to: 647.223.9243 or

MEARIE has been providing property and casualty insurance to the electricity sector for over 25 years. This long standing experience has strengthened our ability to manage insurance claims and provide appropriate risk management services to this sector.

Liability Claims

Click here for Liability Claims. Our experience in defending against claims is reflected in our premiums. This level of understanding is extremely broad-based since The MEARIE Group offers a zero deductible option to Subscribers. Not only does a zero deductible promote a greater understanding of the issues; it also provides Subscribers with budgetary and financial stability.

Property & Fleet/Vehicle Claims

Click here for Property Claims and click here for Fleet/Vehicle Claims. We also provide property and vehicle insurance to the electricity distribution sector. We have expanded coverage under both lines of business, providing various limits and flexibility allowing for greater coverage for claims. We maintain close relationships with our reinsurers as an integral part of our risk strategy.

To inquire about any liability, property or vehicle/fleet claims issues, please contact or 1.800.668.9979 ext. 5324.

Group Employee Benefits Claims

Submitting a Claim

  • When notice of an incident is received, assess as to whether you think it is a Liability, Vehicle or Property claim.
  • Access the appropriate claim form at the links above.  
  • Complete all pertinent information including date of loss, claimant’s information, cause of loss, etc.
  • If you are made aware (put on notice) of an incident but no formal claim has been made, advise MEARIE of the notice received.  This will ensure MEARIE is aware of the potential claim and will ensure against any future issues with reporting, information and limitation period.
  • If you become aware of an incident involving bodily injury or property damage that may lead to a claim, advise MEARIE of the incident even if you have not been contacted by a claimant.

Next Steps for the Claimant

Once you have submitted the claim to MEARIE, advise the claimant their claim has been forwarded to MEARIE for handling.  Once MEARIE has assessed liability, we will contact the claimant directly.  If the claimant has questions in regard to the adjustment of the claim, refer them to MEARIE.  In regard to the replacement of a third party’s damaged equipment, MEARIE settles claims on an actual cash value basis, not on replacement cost basis. 

Next Steps for the Insured

MEARIE may request further details in regard to the cause of the loss.  It is pertinent that all information be divulged in an accurate and timely manner to keep the integrity of the claims adjusting process.  In most cases, once the claim has been forwarded to MEARIE, we will oversee the claim in its entirety without further involvement from the MEARIE Subscriber.