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Board Members' Accident Insurance

Although your Board Members are not employees of your company, they are an important part of your organization and perform certain, critical duties, often on a voluntary basis. As part of their obligation to your organization, common business travel and the attendance of meetings are expected; and these activities carry certain risks of accident or injury.

To protect your Board Members, and as a way offer them an attractive benefit for serving your organization, your company can purchase Board Members’ Accident Insurance on their behalf. Commonly called Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), this coverage pays a benefit in the event of a covered accident, causing one of the following:

  • An accidental death
  • The accidental dismemberment of part or all of a limb (I.E. hands, feet, arms, legs, fingers or toes)
  • Loss of sight, hearing or speech
Coverage features:
  • The principal sum is payable for the loss of life, both hands or feet, or sight
  • Fractions of the principal sum are payable for other losses (for example, 75% for the loss of a limb, 50% for speech or hearing, 25% for the fingers of one hand, etc.)
  • Benefits are paid directly to the Board Member (or to the beneficiary designated by the Director in the case of loss of life)
  • Coverage can be in effect during Business Travel only OR 24-hour Coverage

This insurance pays in addition to most other insurance, including disability and life insurance (if the Board Member has other policies). Board Members’ Accident Insurance is a great way to help ensure financial protection is available for Board Members and their loved ones.

To learn more about MEARIE Board Members' Accident Insurance coverage download the brochure.