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Fleet/Vehicle Insurance

MEARIE's extensive understanding of the insurance needs of Ontario's Local Electricity Distribution Companies led to the creation of the Fleet Vehicle Insurance Program in 1992.

Our ability to offer a province-wide group plan based on uniform risk at below commercial market rates has simplified our customer's insurance requirements.

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Change to Highway Traffic Act – Certain Machinery Now to be Plated

Announced in December 2016, July 1st brings changes to the Highway Traffic Act relating to units classed as Road-Building Machines and currently not plated. This includes equipment such as a Hydrovac truck or a Mobile Crane which you may own or lease.

The MEARIE Group Versus a Commercial Insurance Company

Commercial insurers are forced by competition to offer a large number of policy options. These options, and the premiums charged, can change from year to year as insurers try to attract the right kind of risk. The MEARIE Group is able to standardize these policy options for all subscribers while at the same time offering several deductible options which increase the plan's flexibility.

A distinct competitive advantage of The MEARIE Group over commercial insurers lies in your ability to contact at any point in the day our risk analyst in charge of the Fleet / Vehicle Insurance Program. The same goes for our Claims Director. Our commitment to personalized service ensures that these individuals are accessible by all Subscribers at all times. We understand your need for timely information and that's why we make it easy for you to do business with The MEARIE Group.

Coverage includes: 

  • $15 million Third Party Liability and Property Damage 

  • Mandatory Direct Compensation Property damage and Accident Benefit coverage 

  • A choice of All Perils, Collision, Comprehensive or Specified Perils coverage under Physical Damage 

  • And a broad array of endorsements are attached to the policy including a Replacement Cost Endorsement, that provides full replacement cost for company vehicles. This is in contrast to ACV (Actual Cost Value) that is provided under most fleet policies.

Partnering with the Best - Travelers Canada

We chose to partner with one of Canada's oldest and most trusted insurers. Travelers Canada is a 100% Canadian company with an established record of financial stability and superior claims service. They are one of Canada's largest insurers who, after 119 years, continue to grow and serve Canadians from coast to coast.

With more than $1 billion in premiums, their range of products is flexible enough to meet the unique needs of any individual or business. Their distinctive policies provide the best combination of coverages and services at competitive rates for Canadian consumers and businesses.

Vehicle Change Form

Use this Vehicle Change Form to add or remove vehicles to your current MEARIE Fleet/Vehicle Insurance policy.

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 For more information on The MEARIE Group's Fleet / Vehicle Insurance Program, please email Gary Durie at, Manager, Risk Management & Underwriting Services at 1.800.668.9979 extension 5355.