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Privacy, Cyber & Network Security Insurance

Every organization - big or small - is vulnerable to privacy and data breaches. Do you know who has access to your data? Do you know if your network security and privacy practices meet regulated standards? Do you know what information needs to be protected? To help you answer these critical questions, The MEARIE Group is providing this webpage dedicated to shedding light on this important risk. Please use these resources to help you make decisions about how to best protect your company from privacy risks.

NetDiligence® eRiskHub 

The MEARIE Group has partnered with NetDiligence® to provide you with a cyber risk management portal, providing a valuable source of risk management tools, news and training resources. NetDiligence® eRiskHub provides tools to help you understand your cyber risk exposures, establish a response plan and minimize the effects of a cyber breach on your organization.

Cyber Security Awareness & Risk Management Resource

The MEARIE Group has developed this comprehensive Cyber Security Awareness & Risk Management Resource. Packed with a lot of information and useful resources, this guide is a starting point intended to help you understand and mitigate your company’s privacy risks.

Privacy, Cyber & Network Security Liability Insurance Coverage

MEARIE offers Privacy, Cyber & Network Security Liability Insurance as an optional endorsement to the MEARIE Liability Insurance Program. 

Protecting against Cyber Crime Webinar

View the recording from Protecting against Cyber Crime Webinar, hosted by The MEARIE Group and featuring guest speakers from Watsec Cyber Risk Management on May 31, 2017.

Other Cyber Risk Resources & Links

Please visit the below websites for more information on the topic of Privacy and Cyber Security Risk:

For more information on MEARIE's Privacy, Cyber & Network Security Insurance, please contact