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HR Solutions

Realizing the opportunity to serve its members better, THe MEARIE Group began providing non-regulated insurance and financial services to Ontario's LDCs in 1998. Since that time, our HR Solutions have expanded significantly as a result of the diverse needs of our members. The MEARIE Group undertook to build a better workplace by raising the profile of such important matters as health, auto & home insurance and other employee-related initiatives.

Our ability to customize programs for the LDC industry along with our group purchasing power and our access to industry trends and data make this service essential for any LDC.

Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services is a collection of services being offered by The MEARIE Group to assist you in your recruiting and job placement activities.

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Group Employee Benefit Program

Our singular focus on the LDC sector has resulted in the creation of a group insurance plan with over 10,000 LDC employees being insured, and our Employee Benefits program is one of the most successful multi-employer affinity programs operating today.

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Employee and Labour Relations Service (ELRS)

Get the legal & management consulting support you need without having to worry about every billable hour. A subscription to the ELRS gives you direct access to a dedicated team of Legal Counsel and HR Management Consultants.

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HR Information Services (HRIS)

Our goal is to assist you in managing your most valued asset - your human resources - by providing value-added information resources.

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Management Salary Survey

Actuarial Valuation Services

The MEARIE Group's Actuarial Service offers two flexible plan options along with several consulting services to assist clients in their strategic management of their financial obligations.