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2019 Survey on Board of Director Compensation

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In today's competitive talent market, LDCs are challenged with attracting Board Members that will contribute to the oversight, support and guidance of the leadership team. The MEARIE Group established the Survey on Board of Director Compensation to assist LDCs in understanding the competitive landscape and to support your efforts to develop pay practices that attract, motivate and retain high quality, high performing Board Members.    

Last offered in 2017, this biennial survey has been enhanced for 2019 through our partnership with the global consulting firm Korn Ferry. Drawing on their expertise and experience in developing director compensation surveys across all sectors of the economy and in numerous countries around the world, the 2019 survey includes a detailed analysis similar to the Management Salary Survey. The Management Salary Survey has been updated for 2019. Report analysis is provided by several different methods including: revenue, number of customers, regions and number of employees.

The Survey on Board of Director Compensation is part of The MEARIE Group's Human Capital Risk Management program; there are no additional fees for subscribers to participate in this survey. Fees to subscribe to the HRIS program are $2,850. Also included in the HCR program this year is the 2019 Management Salary Survey, and all HCR program subscribers are eligible to participate in this annual survey. Please refer to for additional information.

To participate in the survey, simply submit your data to Korn Ferry in accordance with the instructions provided; no prior confirmation or communication is required.  If you have not yet confirmed your HCR subscription, MEARIE will invoice you separately. The deadline for submitting your data for the 2019 Survey on Board of Director Compensation is June 7, 2019.  Distribution of survey reports to participating LDCs is planned for late August; the specific timing will depend on the timeliness of data submission by participants and the degree of data clarification/cleaning required.    

Thank you for your continuing support for the MEARIE 2019 Survey on Board of Director Compensation.