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Personal Insurance

Group Home & Auto Insurance

The MEARIE Group Home and Auto Insurance Program is an exclusive benefit to all eligible MEARIE Group clients and their employees. This is an opportunity for employees to be a part of a group insurance plan for their personal Home and Automobile insurance. Group purchasing power can mean better rates for your personal insurance.

How To Get a Quote

Call AVIVA directly at: 1.877.4MEARIE (1.877.463.2743) and tell them you are with The MEARIE Group. MEARIE’s alliance with Aviva Canada can mean availability of more comprehensive products and preferred group rates for your personal insurance:

  • Increased Purchasing Power: This group insurance program offered by The MEARIE Group represents individuals collectively to increase their purchasing power. 
  • Competitive Rates: After initial set-up costs, group plans are cheaper than individual plans. Due to larger economies of scale, the rates for coverage can be significantly lower. 
  • Superior Service: 24 hour Emergency Claims Service - 7 days a week, One Stop Claims Appraisal and Repair for auto damage, Extended service hours are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday to Friday, 5 available payment options including PAC with no interest or service charges, Licensed, knowledgeable insurance advice and excellence in service from Aviva’s professional team, Value added benefits not available through other companies 
  • Guaranteed Claims Satisfaction or Your Premiums Refunded

The following discounts may be available for your insurance:

Home Insurance  

Auto Insurance

New Home Discount

Multi-Vehicle Discount 

Mature Citizen Discount 

Anti-Theft Discount

Multi-Line Discount 

Mature-Citizen Discount 

Loyalty Discount 

Multi-Line Discount 

Mortgage Free Discount 

Loyalty Discount 


Claims Free Discount 


Short Commute Discount 


6-Star Protection Endorsement 


Aviva Satellite Program 


Car Alarm Offered at a Discount