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Risk Management

The primary goal of The MEARIE Group's Risk Assessment program is to improve the overall safety of our client's organization. We provide tools that will assist in the recognition and evaluation of risks that may impact operations. We work to reduce the financial impact by minimizing the number and/or impact of incidents and thereby collectively reduce the losses of the Subscribers of the Reciprocal. The following are some of the Risk Management Services The MEARIE Group offers:

Reciprocal Newsletter:

Check out MEARIE's newsletter, The Reciprocal for the latest on pertinent risk management and insurance topics. This communication delivers valuable information on insurance coverages, policy and claims issues, as well as risk management topics.

Cyber Risk Management Tools:

MEARIE helps you understand and mitigate your company’s privacy and cyber security risks. View the Cyber Risk Management Tools page to find lots of useful resources and information on managing cyber risk.

Streetlighting Contracts Resource:

Streetlighting has become a common activity among LDC affiliates; unfortunately, streetlighting claims continue to trend negatively in both frequency and severity. To help your organization better manage their streetlighting contracts, MEARIE has developed a guide providing suggestions for negotiating streetlighting contracts. Consideration must be taken, depending on the intent of the contract - whether designing, installing, monitoring or maintaining streetlights - that the contract clearly states your responsibilities.

Confined Spaces Safety Guide:

Underground work in confined spaces (AKA “manholes) is becoming more common for utilities and with many potential hazards, it is important that your organization has a procedure in place to protect your employees and the public. Download MEARIE's Confined Spaces Safety Guide for some best practices to consider when planning confined space work.
Confined Spaces Safety Guide
(Adobe PDF File)

A Guide to Equipment Breakdown Insurance:

Understanding Boiler & Machinery Insurance is no easy task. MEARIE, in partnership with HSB BI&I, have developed the Guide to Equipment Breakdown Insurance to assist you in making your equipment last longer, reducing losses and saving capital expenditures.

Guide to Preventing Social Engineering Fraud:

Social engineering fraud – scams used by criminals to trick, deceive and manipulate your employees into giving out confidential information and possibly funds – are becoming more prevalent. Often your employees are contacted through email or telephone and duped into releasing funds or giving login credentials to a fraudster, potentially creating a loss for your company. MEARIE presents the Guide to Preventing Social Engineering FraudDownload this guide for insights on how your organization can detect and prevent this type of fraud.

Directors & Officers Liability Guide:

The Duty of Diligence, Duty of Loyalty and Duty of Obedience are three main duties Directors and Officers have towards your company and shareholders. As Directors and Officers are charged with directing the ongoing business operations within the law, corporate governance requires directors, officers and executives to balance the often competing interests of corporate operations with the concerns of shareholders. Download Directors & Officers Liability – A MEARIE Guide to Exposures, Best Practices and D&O Insurance today to gain a fuller understanding of this risk and how to protect your individual Directors, as well as your organization.

Business Continuity Planning Guide:

Business continuity planning is a "proactive planning process that ensures critical services or products are delivered during a disruption." MEARIE's Guide to Developing a Business Continuity Plan includes information to help you create, flesh out and maintain your Business Continuity Plan, vital to keeping your operation running during and in the aftermath of a crisis or major incident.

Human Capital Risk Management Guide:

Human Capital is a key emerging risk for many organizations inside and outside of the energy sector. To further assist our customers in risk management practices we've developed the MEARIE Human Capital Risk Management Guide which provides an outline of the step-by-step Risk Management process, and describes how that process can be applied to the management of human capital risk. 

Insurance & Risk Management Seminars:

Stay up-to-date on insurance and risk issues. The MEARIE Conference is held each June for The MEARIE Group's customers. The conference provides a diverse selection of risk management/strategy and human resources/leadership topics.

Vehicle Risk Assessment Program:

The MEARIE Group will assist customers in loss control and fleet safety programs through arrangements with one of Canada's leaders in fleet safety programs, Travelers Canada.

Consultation on Policy & Coverage Issues:

Do you have a coverage question or a "what if" situation? Are you entering into a contract? Does that contract include indemnification, hold harmless agreements and insurance requirements? All contracts should be reviewed by your legal counsel as a standard business practice. The MEARIE Group is available to provide suggested guidance related to insurance coverage, potential conflicts and problems resulting from indemnification or hold harmless agreements.

Risk Assessment Audits:

On a fee-for-service basis, The MEARIE Group will conduct on-site audits to identify risk potentials and suggest strategies to minimize exposure to risk. The typical audit takes place over a period of two or three days. Each customer is provided with a comprehensive report for informational purposes and future reference.

Environmental Management Systems:

Be aware of what your Environmental Exposures are! The MEARIE Group will arrange to conduct an audit of your Environmental compliance. Issues include historical site activities, storage or disposal of PCBs, Spill Procedures and Harzardous Material Process.

For more information on The MEARIE Group's Risk Management Services, please contact