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Custom Programs

Onsite and customized training programs are available. We are committed to working with LDCs across the province to help meet your training objectives and goals.

If you have a training need that cannot be addressed by any of our existing scheduled programs, please contact us. Through our Training Partners, we can develop a program to meet your needs, potentially at your location. 

For additional information please contact the Training Department at MEARIE at 1-800-668-9979 or

The MEARIE Group has delivered onsite, custom Training Programs to over 20 LDCs and over 300 employees from across Ontario.  On-site programs included the following: 

  • Masters Certificate in Energy Sector Leadership

  • Leadership Skills for Lead Hands

  • Leadership Skills for Supervisors in Technical Trades

  • Leadership Skills for Supervisors

  • Leadership Skills for Middle Management 

  • Leadership Skills for Engaging Others During Change
  • Powerful Presentations
  • Effective Communication Skills   
  • Managing Strong Customers

  • Basic Electricity
  • Regulatory Essentials

  • Corporate Strategic Risk Management