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Chartered Director (C.Dir) Program – Energy Sector

In Partnership with: 

The Directors College

Course Summary:
The Ontario electricity sector continues to undergo significant change at an increasingly rapid pace. Governance is no different as it’s rising to the top of the agenda for a number of key stakeholders including the Ontario Energy Board, IESO and the Ministry of Energy.  Effective governance has been identified as key in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of utility performance.  Today’s LDC Board is increasingly challenged to ensure the proper oversight, governance and structure is in place to capitalize on this change, and to lead the organization toward success in an increasingly complex and regulated business environment. 

Partnering with The Directors College, McMaster University DeGroote School of Business and The Conference Board of Canada, this course grants the university designation of “C.Dir” and is customized to the unique requirements of the LDC sector. This program delivers a unique experience that recognizes both sides of directorship – the “technical and structural” (rules-based) side and the “cultural” (principle-based and behavioural) side.  Customized to the unique requirements of the LDC sector, this industry recognized university accreditation designation provides skills, perspectives and tactics to drive value as an effective and successful board member.  Successful completion of this program allows participants to use the recognized designation of C.Dir.

Course Outline:

The program consists of five modules, each delivered in 2.25 days. Each module starts Thursday afternoon, and is all day Friday and Saturday.  This is an in resident program.  Below is a partial list of topics that will be covered in the five modules:

Module 1 – Accountability and Change

  • Understand the roles, responsibilities, legal and fiduciary duties, and accountabilities of the Board
  • The role of the Board in a utility/regulated environment as it relates to the Municipal Shareholder, and the relationships to Affiliates and HoldCo Boards
  • Discuss Board and Director independence, and how to encourage and contribute to effective interaction

Module 2 – Leadership and Strategy

  • Learn how to establish clear corporate strategies with management
  • Learn best practices for succession planning, human resource/compensation committees, IT strategy, management performance
  • Understand the type of information required to identify, control, and mitigate corporate risk in a utility regulated environment

Module 3 – Oversight and Finance

  • Learn how to access and assess financial information using accounting principles and financial/non-financial indicators
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the Board, audit committee, internal/external auditors, and the oversight role of the Board in managing risk
  • Understand the roles of the Regulator, Municipal Shareholders and other stakeholders,  and the expectations regarding the Board’s governance and oversight responsibilities

 Module 4 – Effective Governance Under Complex Circumstances

  • Learn how emotional intelligence affects board behaviour and functioning (includes personal assessment), and how to develop efficient, effective and productive interactions
  • Understand the links between governance, sustainability, ethical imperatives, and social responsibility
  • Understand
  • the importance of corporate reputation including opportunities, risks and crisis management

Module 5 – The Board Simulation

  • Participate as a Board Member at a variety of Board and Committee meetings for a simulated corporation
  • Gain personal insight on how your behaviour, and that of others, affects the board’s processes and productivity
All sessions include facilitated group discussion.  Upon completion of the five modules, candidates are required to successfully write an exam to receive their Chartered Director (C.Dir.) designation. 50 hours over three years of Continued Professional Development (CPD) are required to maintain the designation.

"The electrical sector is in the midst of profound change. The Directors College sets up directors to meet and tackle this uncertain, but exciting, future at the board table. Successful companies will seize on opportunities through innovation and collaboration, and with an effective risk management process will ensure there is the right balance between the needs of the stakeholders and the changing business landscape.  

The final Directors College course module is a mock board scenario which mimics the real life boardroom. Your participation is a unique learning opportunity to put course theory and previous board experience into practice. In this case study it takes good governance, principled behaviours and excellent team interaction to move the agenda forward on difficult decisions. I have had many opportunities in other training settings for ‘role play learning’, however, The Directors College use of this learning technique has been the most effective and impactful.  

The Directors College has prepared me very well as a director with a broad base knowledge of good governance and sound judgement to rise to this challenge. I strongly recommend The Directors College to my peers in the energy sector."

Ron Chatterton, C.Dir.
Elexicon Corporation Director

Who Should Attend?

The program is designed for those currently sitting on boards, senior executives who intend to serve on a board, and those who work with boards.  Applicants are assessed on a case-by-case basis to determine whether they are suitable candidates for the C.Dir designation.


This course qualifies for 97.5 hours of CPD with HRPA upon successful completion.

Course Length:  5 modules 
Cost: Each module is $4,370 + HST.  There is an additional $200 cost with Module 5 for the final exam.  
Includes accommodations, materials, assessment tools, breakfast, lunch, and refreshment breaks.
Location: Novotel Toronto Vaughan Center Hotel 


Course Dates and Registration:

CourseBegin DateEnd DateRegistration
Chartered Director Program Module 512/10/202012/12/2020 REGISTER
Chartered Director Program Module 12/18/20212/20/2021 REGISTER
Chartered Director Program Module 24/22/20214/24/2021 REGISTER
Chartered Director Program Module 36/3/20216/5/2021 REGISTER
Chartered Director Program Module 410/21/202110/23/2021 REGISTER
Chartered Director Program Module 511/25/202111/27/2021 REGISTER