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Advanced Regulatory Topics (Module 3)

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MEARIE'S Regulatory Specialist Certificate program is unique in the province.  It begins with a review of the principles of economic regulation, building up to an in-depth understanding of how and why regulation is implemented in Ontario using case studies on specialized topics.  The program is provided in three discrete two-day modules.  It will be of interest to staff from all functional areas and levels of the organization, as well as to those interested in pursuing a career in the energy sector.  The three modules are:

   Introduction to Economic Regulation (Module 1)
   Cost of Service Re-basing (Module 2)
   Advanced Regulatory Topics (Module 3)

Participants can register for one or more of the two-day modules, and those who successfully complete all three modules will receive MEARIE's Regulatory Specialist Certificate.

Course Summary:

LDCs have to continually adapt to new and evolving government policies and regulatory requirements. This two-day module explores the issues and some of the creative solutions available to address them. It includes IRM and other regulatory applications, and builds on the materials covered in Modules 1 and 2, to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of regulatory issues facing LDCs today. The module uses case studies to further develop participants’ expertise and relies on practical exercises to advance their understanding. 

Course Outline: 
The subject matter addressed in this module will be based on current and anticipated issues facing LDCs. Topics to be included:
  • Incentive Regulation Mechanism (IRM) Chapter 3 Filings
  • The purpose and use of deferral and variance accounts
  • Recent decisions impacting LDC's and the future direction of electricity regulation
  • Evolving Renewed Regulatory Framework customer engagement, performance measurement and continuous improvement
  • LDC opportunities, risks and responsibilities, including:  corporate governance and integrating regulatory into business strategy
  • Participants are encouraged to contact Elenchus in advance if there are specific topics of interest

Who Should Attend?       
This course is designed for staff from all functional areas and levels of the organization, as well as to those interested in pursuing a career in the energy sector. It is beneficial to complete Module 1 and 2.

Course Length: 

2 days  


$1,895 + HST 2020 | $1,995 + HST 2021
Includes materials, assessment tools, breakfast, lunch, and
refreshment breaks.


Novotel Hotel Training Facility

Course Dates and Registration:

CourseBegin DateEnd DateRegistration
Advanced Regulatory Topics: Module 312/2/202012/3/2020 REGISTER
Advanced Regulatory Topics: Module 36/1/20216/2/2021 REGISTER