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Creating a Customer Centric Culture - Virtual

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With the possible exception of technology itself, little is changing more quickly than the discipline of customer service.

More than 25 years ago, Regis McKenna, who helped Apple Inc. come out of Steve Job’s garage and into the mainstream, wrote “Technology is transforming choice and choice is transforming the marketplace”. His words have never been truer than they are today.

Contemporary customers (including clients) with technology at their fingertips, have turned the customer service world upside down. Yet, at the same time, customers still need relationships, courtesy, good communications, transparent honesty and problem solving, perhaps more than ever before.

This course explores how customers - and customer service - are changing dramatically and how LDC’s can adapt quickly to keep pace. It shows that great customer service and great community relations go hand in hand. It looks at practical, useful and, above all, do-able ways for LDC’s to build a great customer service discipline including a rethinking of how staff can be trained to meet today’s customer needs. In doing so, it redefines what those two words – “customer” and “service” – really mean. 

Key Learning Points
  • A complete redefinition of “who is the customer”
  • The difference between “job function” and ”job essence” in customer service 
  • The LDC’s six direct customer groups and how to connect with them 
  • Expectations of today’s customer and how to manage them 
  • Significant impacts on customer service: 
    • Demographics – how to build trust with different generations
    • Social media – how to use it effectively to build your service brand 
    • Friendly fire – minimizing the customer irritation caused inadvertently by our own actions and work 
    • The world we live in – how to achieve service excellence in a stress- filled society 
  • The relationship between great customer service and community relations 
  • Engaging every employee to take responsibility for outstanding customer care.
  • What to do next- adapting for a new world of service.
  • Fresh perspectives on what separates “great” from “good” service
  • New ways to think about customers and the service they require
  • Ideas on how to use technology’s tools even more creatively 
  • Practical, do-able actions that LDC”s can take immediately to reorient the customer service challenge. 
  • Tips, techniques and practical suggestions on how to engage every employee in the customer service cause 
  • Core fundamentals for a re-modelled customer service program in the future.

Who Should Attend?
  • Managers and Supervisors in Operations, HR, Marketing, Communications, CDM 
  • All those who work directly in Customer Service or with clients and customers
NOTE: This course is offered Virtually. Pre-work will be provided.
This course qualifies for 6.5 hours of CPD with HRPA upon successful completion.

 One-half Day

$525 + HST    
Includes materials and assessment tools

Location:    Virtually 

Course Dates and Registration: