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Marketing & Sales Training

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Course Summary:
This program is designed to provide the fundamental principles of marketing and selling to core teams within your LDC.  Learn the importance of the marketing mindset and a customer centric culture.  This course is particularly useful for CDM and Affiliate service providers. Participants will learn:
  • What marketing is and is not
  • Core  differences between marketing and sales and how they work together
  • 10 fundamental principles of marketing that need to be in place in your LDC
  • The Unique Point of Difference and how it applies to every product/service you offer
  • How to position your products and services in the minds of the consumer
  • Market segmentation techniques- and selling into those segments
  • The critical skill of pricing and its role in market growth
  • Some key principles of messaging, advertising, promotion
  • When and how to build a marketing team- and when to get outside help
  • What to do next to build market capacity.

Course Outline: 
The following topics will be covered:
  • Some simple, applicable definitions of marketing
  • Understanding what needs and wants really mean – and how to use this
  • The seven core tools of a marketing program: Product, Price, Position, Place, Promote, Produce, Package – and how to make them work for you
  • Differentiating your products on quality, price, niche or distribution
  • What market segmentation means and how to do it
  • Telling your story – use of traditional and social media, other promotional techniques
  • Who you need on your marketing team and where to find them
  • Developing a simple, one page marketing plan and moving forward with it.

Who Should Attend?  
This one-day course is designed for senior leadership within the Ontario electric utility sector.

Course Length: 

1 day 


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