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Professional & Management Training

Employees who are responsible for making plans, organizing resources, directing personnel and controlling operations in order to meet the goals of the organization recognize the need for continuous learning.

The MEARIE Group offers quality training programs that are tailor-made to meet the training needs of our clients. Competitively priced, our courses are delivered by experts in their fields - helping clients drive organizational performance through employee mastery of competencies.

Change Management Practitioner (CMP) Program
In partnership with TidalShift and APMG International, MEARIE participants can earn the Change Management Foundation Certification™, and the internationally recognized designation of Change Management Practitioner™ (CMP).

How to Register

To register yourself, or a member of your team, please login to the MEARIE website and follow the REGISTRATION links listed in the course description.  If you do not have a MEARIE website account, please click on the CREATE ACCOUNT link at the top of page and follow the steps.

CDM Specialist Certificate Program
Course NameBegin DateEnd Date
There are no records.

Management Courses
Course NameBegin DateEnd Date
Change Management Foundation Certification10/1/201910/3/2019
Change Management Practitioner (CMP)10/23/201910/24/2019
Effective Leadership Skills For Managers10/23/201910/25/2019
Collective Bargaining Preparation2/11/20202/11/2020
Creating A Customer Centric Culture2/12/20202/12/2020
Effective Communication2/19/20202/19/2020
Creating And Delivering Highly Effective Presentations2/20/20202/20/2020
Effective Leadership Skills For Managers2/26/20202/28/2020
Mental Health Leadership3/3/20203/3/2020
Understanding The Collective Agreement And Management Rights3/24/20203/24/2020
Managing Performance In A Union Environment3/25/20203/25/2020
Community Engagement 101: Really Engage Your Community3/26/20203/26/2020
Managing Customer Relationships4/1/20204/1/2020
Smart Contracting4/7/20204/7/2020
Corporate Strategic Risk Management4/15/20204/15/2020
Project Management5/6/20205/8/2020
Managing Effort - Getting Results NEW5/14/20205/14/2020
Effective Leadership Skills For Supervisors5/27/20205/28/2020
Integrating Social Media Into Your LDC Communication6/4/20206/4/2020
Community Engagement 201: Partnerships And Best Practices6/10/20206/10/2020
Managing Effort - Getting Results NEW9/15/20209/15/2020
Understanding The Collective Agreement And Management Rights9/22/20209/22/2020
Managing Performance In A Union Environment9/23/20209/23/2000
Managing Customer Relationships9/24/20209/24/2020
Effective Leadership Skills For Managers10/21/202010/23/2020
Project Management10/27/202010/29/2020
Change Management Foundation Certification11/3/202011/5/2020
Change Management Practitioner (CMP)11/24/202011/25/2020

On-Site Courses
Course NameBegin Date
Marketing And Sales TrainingPlease contact us for availability

For additional information please email The Training Team or call 905-265-5300.