Apprentice Program

The MEARIE Group’s Trades Training Portfolio certifies qualified students in five separate trades...

For over 20 years, LDCs have had a home-grown approach for specific apprenticeship programs, as well as advanced skill level training, in the following trades:

  • Powerline Technician

  • Underground Power Cable

  • Electrical Operator

  • Substation Electrician

  • Meter Technician

Our programs incorporate only the best industry practices to provide delivery of training programs that will reflect new training standards as governed by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) or revised industry standards. In addition, our Powerline Technician training program is recognized by the MTCU for meeting the standards set out by the Ministry.  This means that LDCs can register participants with Ontario’s Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and obtain the government rebate. The current government rebate for the Powerline Technician Program is $1,582.93 per class, per student. This subsidy is applied directly to the registration fee charged for the Powerline Technician levels. Registering your apprentice with the MTCU will save you almost 40% on your registration fees.

The MEARIE Group, in partnership with Hydro One Networks Inc., Work Methods and Training, offers one of the most advanced trades training programs, specifically geared to electricity distributors and suppliers of the electricity industry. The MEARIE Group’s training certificates are highly regarded, not only in Ontario, but across Canada as well.

The MEARIE Group’s commitment to quality via experienced and expert trainers is unparalleled. Instructors from Local Distribution Companies, who are specifically trained and supervised by permanent instructors, facilitate all of The MEARIE Group’s trades training. Quality, industry-specific training remains the cornerstone of our trades training portfolio. 

Registering participants employed by your LDC for an Apprenticeship Program is simple and easy:

1. Review our ONLINE Course Calendar (at to determine desired Trades Technical Training course and course dates

2. For Powerline Technician courses, contact your local apprenticeship office to register a participant as an apprentice. Contact information for local offices can be found in the Blue Pages of your telephone directory under Training and Apprenticeship

3. To register, contact our Training Delivery Agent (Hydro One). Please contact email or call 1.877.647.2872 ext. 2092 or 519-942-4148 ext. 2092

4. Upon Registration, all students will be sent applicable pre-course material and Powerline Technician Log Books in advance of the course start date.

The MEARIE Group’s Trades Training programs are competency based and designed based on the ‘real world’ needs of LDCs. The equipment and aids used are typical of what is found in the workplace to ensure that the right practical skills are developed. The successful completion of a training level is based on demonstration of competency in all modules of learning, as well as written exams for both theory and practical applications. 

The culmination of a successful apprenticeship program is a skilled, competent trades person that is recognized by their peers, employers and the community as proficient in their trade. Have peace of mind that your workforce is well equipped to deliver safe, efficient and reliable electricity to your customers.

For more information on Trades Technical Training and/or on Trades Certificates, David Ainslie, Marketing Director, Education and Business Services, The MEARIE Group
Contact: Tel 905.265.5320