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Effective Leadership Skills for Supervisors Technical & Trades

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Course Summary:


Participants [i.e. Supervisors/Managers,] will be presented with the skills, best practices, and knowledge to improve and manage work place responsibilities and define accountabilities for supervisory roles, through proven strategies with work related examples. 


  1. Explain the fundamentals of supervisory levels and roles within the organization.
  2. Define employees, team structures, and strategies for motivating staff.
  3. Discuss the benefits and channels of effective communication pertaining to your organization and the business.
  4. Describe utility processes for key areas in performance, expectations, and accountabilities for Lead Hands, Supervisors, Managers, and Executives with projects and work teams.
  5. Discuss and Define the important components of a “Tailboard Talk Sheet”, site and hazards assessments, and a strong Health and Safety system to address “due diligence” accountabilities within a utility.
  6. Interpret and explain skills to effectively deal within a Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  7. Recognize the importance and usage of Time and Stress Management techniques with focus into specific areas of improvements.
  8. Construct an effective job and business model to deal with short term and long term goals including projects.
  9. Recognize key components of an effective supervisor, the acquisition of leadership, authority, and responsibility, with the development of an effective approach.

Content included:

  1. Fundamentals of Supervision Levels
  2. Strategies of Team Motivation – needs, behaviours, positive and negative reinforcements
  3. Effective Communication and Documentation – active listening,  powerful speaking, positive intent, compass communications in all directions [360* approach], non-verbal, powerful questions, technology
  4. Action planning and deliveries
  5. Assigned Duties Management – Health and Safety, Project Planning, Working within a CBA,
  6. Establishing Effective Leadership – establish model types,  authority and responsibility
  7. Inclusive Leadership Styles / Resilient Leadership Styles / Leading with Trust
  8. Performance Evaluations relating to team obligations and expectations
  9. Better understanding running your business – how it functions and your roles, effective meetings, delegating responsibility and work, Assessments Controls
  10. Passive, Aggressive, and assertive rights with responsibility
  11. Managing conflicts at work – action planning, tough conversations, support teamwork
  12. Generation bridging – people, communicating, and motivation
  13. Time and Stress  Management – identify action areas of concern, focus on grounding and implementation skills

Work Shop Agendas:

  1. Topic Specific Case Studies
  2. Project Related Assignment
  3. Team Assignments
  4. Round Table Forum
  5. Support Teamwork

Who Should Attend?

Utility Supervisors, Department Managers and Front Line Supervisors

On-site Option:

This course is also available on-site in a one-day format. Call for more information.


Participants should be in a supervisory capacity or be in training as a supervisor with specific duties and accountabilities where the supervision of staff is a key function of duties.



  $1,795 + HST (2018)
  $1,895 + HST (2019)
   Includes materials, lunch and breaks.

Course Length:

  2 days


  Novotel Hotel Training Facility


  This course is available on-site at your location. Call for dates and special

Course Dates and Registration:
CourseBegin DateEnd DateRegistration
Effective Leadership Skills For Supervisors Technical Trades11/18/202011/19/2020 REGISTER