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Meter Technician (Level 1)

Facilitated By:

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic course dates are subject to change due to changing Health & Wellness policies and procedures.

Course Summary:

The session introduces the apprentice to the metering field with practical hands-on sessions combined with theoretical material.

Course Outline:

Level 1 will cover the following topics:

  • Single phase watt hour meter operation

  • Three phase system characteristics (Delta system)

  • Standard metering applications and installations on Delta

  • Billing procedures, principles of demand, installation of self-contained and transformer type meters

  • Theft of power – Residential

  • Basic transformer theory


Theory Qualifying Test covering the following: atomic structure, basic electrical quantities and their relations, series and parallel circuits, series - parallel circuits, magnetism and electromagnetism, sine wave generation and components, semiconductor diodes, electrical meters, inductance, inductive reactance, impedance, capacitance, capacitive reactance RCL series circuit solving and phasors, RCL parallel circuit solving with phasors, transformers, basic three-phase theory. 

The Theory Qualifying Test is designed to confirm the apprentice is competent to successfully complete the theory portion of Level 1.  Some exemptions are accepted.  Please call for clarification.

Log Book:

The Metering Technician Log Book will be provided with the Orientation training manual. 


$4,775 + HST 2020    |    $4,885 + HST 2021
Includes materials, lunch and breaks.

Course Length:

2 weeks


Kleinburg Training Centre

Course Dates and Registration:
CourseBegin DateEnd DateRegistration
Meter Technician - Level 11/4/20211/15/2021 REGISTER
Meter Technician - Level 12/22/20213/5/2021 REGISTER
Meter Technician - Level 15/10/20215/21/2021 REGISTER
Meter Technician - Level 18/9/20218/20/2021 REGISTER