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Trades & Technical Training

As the province has gradually lifted pandemic restrictions, the Trades & Technical training programs offered by The MEARIE Group have resumed! We will continue to evaluate the situation and conditions in the coming weeks and make further adjustments as necessary. Contact for any questions.

The MEARIE Group is proud to offer the best and most comprehensive trades and technical training programs in Ontario. The MEARIE Group's "Trade Certificates" are highly regarded not only in Ontario but also across Canada. The MEARIE Group's training is competency-based and as such, the successful completion of each course of study, combined with practical on-the-job skills demonstration leads to a "Trade Certificate" in one of the following courses listed below.

How to Register

To register for any of the Trades Training Courses (except Supervisory Courses), please contact or 1.877.647.2872, ext 2092.

To register yourself, or a member of your team, for the Supervisory Training Courses, please login to the MEARIE website and follow the REGISTRATION links listed in the course description. If you do not have a MEARIE website account, please click on the CREATE ACCOUNT link at the top of page and follow the instructions.  For general inquiries, contact MEARIE at or 1-800-668-9979.

Certificate Information

For more information on MEARIE’s Certificate programs or to register.

Apprenticeship Program

For more information on MEARIE’s Apprenticeship programs.

Kleinburg Training Centre

Here is an inside look at the Hydro One Kleinburg Training Centre.

Course dates have been updated for the balance of 2020. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic course dates are subject to change due to changing Health & Wellness policies and procedures. View HONI Kleinburg Facility COVID mitigation procedures below.

Meter Technician
Course NameBegin DateEnd Date
Meter Technician - Level 111/30/202012/11/2020
Meter Technician - Level 11/4/20211/15/2021
Meter Technician - Level 12/22/20213/5/2021
Meter Technician - Level 15/10/20215/21/2021
Meter Technician - Level 18/9/20218/20/2021
Meter Technician - Level 22/1/20212/12/2021
Meter Technician - Level 23/8/20213/19/2021
Meter Technician - Level 24/12/20214/23/2021
Meter Technician - Level 25/31/20216/11/2021
Meter Technician - Level 29/13/20219/24/2021
Meter Technician - Level 210/18/202110/29/2021
Meter Technician - Level 211/15/202111/26/2021
Meter Technician - Level 33/22/20214/1/2021
Meter Technician - Level 34/26/20215/7/2021
Meter Technician - Level 36/14/20216/25/2021
Meter Technician - Level 39/27/202110/8/2021
Meter Technician - Level 311/1/202111/12/2021
Meter Technician - Level 311/29/202112/10/2021
Meter Technician JET8/30/20219/3/2021
Meter Technician JET8/30/20219/3/2021

Additional Courses
Course NameBegin DateEnd Date
There are no records.

Basic Electricity
Course NameBegin DateEnd Date
There are no records.

Powerline Technician Basics
Course NameBegin DateEnd Date
There are no records.